Channel Strategy and Development

Companies who wish to accelerate their growth within global markets must develop

an accurate channels strategy, that ensures long-term commitment. The channels approach has several building blocks, that together ensure a competitive strategy as well as distinct segregation of the distribution approach, including Defining, Designing and Developing Distribution Channels, Managing Distribution Channels, Operating and Training Partners and Building Marketing Infrastructures

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Initial Partners Sourcing

Initial recruitment process of around 10 partners/distributors within a defined destination market, and according to the desirable profile. Partners who are interested in the product and/or service offerings of company and strive towards engaging directly with the company.

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Channel Strategy

Creating a comprehensive channels strategy, in line with the company’s assets and business growth, defining the channels types for the market, value chain, desired partner profile, and loyalty program model.

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Channel Development

Partner recruitment in accordance with the company's strategy, a process which involves analyzing the company's service and value proposition, competition among the target markets, examination of potential GEO territories and specific market segments.

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Management & Enablement

Creating a management methodology tailored to the company, industry and channel in which it operates, while implementing the relevant tools, including: Creation and implementation of loyalty mechanisms, marketing communications automation, and partner certification tools.

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Demand Generation

Creating marketing and sales tools to empower the partners' sales resources in a way fitting with the company's strategy and collaborative activities with the partners, and in accordance with the principles of resource sharing (FDM) and the CO-OP program.

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Creating an effective marketing plan for the company to strengthen partners relationships and distribution channels in a way which would generate sympathy and preference towards the company, as well as a long-term commitment and desire for continuous work towards achieving the company’s goals.

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