MedTech Exporter? Attending MEDICA 2019?

Don't be left behind with your marketing efforts.

You've come a long way. You brought a technological breakthrough. Now you're on the big stage just before significant exposure, and the life of millions are about to change for good.

Do not allow old methods of "collecting leads" at exhibitions to kill your dream.

mooveahead to an automated, mobile based

relationship marketing!

And YES! We will do all of this for you!


You get a branded, mobile/tablet based simple to use form for collecting leads and info during the exhibition.


A prospect is registered through the form, alone or with your help to get further info regarding your technology.


An on-boarding starts right away, prospects recives personalized information via well designed newsletters.


Relationship is build

through an autometed

behaviour and interest based sequence of communications.

4 reasons why you need

an automated mobile based on-boarding while attending the exhibition.

All things DATA.

Collect all the data you need and keep it in an orginized ready to use form.

Create an impression!

Create an Innovative perception in all possible aspects of your work.

Build a relationship from the start.

Don't wait to come back to your office and

check what's going on with your prospect.

Engage him right away with relevant and personilized content.

Consistency and continuity.

Create sustainable infastructure for further communications. Believe us this is not the last time you'll see the attended prospects.

MedTech Manufacturers

Health Care Startup?

Do you want to ge this done?

Contact us right away and we'll

guide you throug the process.


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