Partners and Distributors Sourcing

Facing challanges finding and selecting the right distributer partner for your

MedTech, Health Care or PharmaTech Business? Whether you are entering a new market or expanding your distribution network, we can assist you with selecting

trusted and high quality Medical Distributor globally.

Our Services & Solutions

Finding The Right Partner

Developing a specific distributor profile is the first step in finding the right partner for your Medical or Pharma Technology. We consider your Technology, your business model, the competitive environment within the given Geo, and match these criteria to distributors best suited for your growth. 

Qualification & Short listing

Subject to your ovearll business strategy, given Geo, and the selected distributor profile, we excel in researching, analyzing, qualifing and selecting a short list of best suited partners who are ready start a discussion with you. 

Logistics & Legal Issues

We engage with the selected partners in order to finilize all the creteria needed in order to start selling in given Geo. We also provide detailed information concerning how to deliver the technology to its destination.

Having doubts your company is on the right track? Talk to us.

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