• Lev Mikulitski

Branding in MedTech?! Not a luxury. A necessity!

Innovation Launch
Innovation Launch

The word “innovation” gets a great deal of lip service in MedTech and HealthCare and for the right reason. Innovation can drive growth, boost profits, and slash the competition, not to mention change the world for the better. But when an innovation is not branded, the impact is usually short-lived, if it occurs at all. Putting “new” or “improved” on a brochure or website is unlikely to create any lasting sense of differentiation, drive behavioral change or support allocating budgets among clinics.

Just "better" is not enough. It is much easier to remember a brand name versus the details of a new offering. To own, diffuse, and fully benefit from an innovation, you have to build a brand and when I say brand I don't mean to just giving it a name and logo. Do you know how to build a brand?

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