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If you don't have a strategy, you're part of someone else's strategy.

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It's an old Alvin Toffler's quote, and he is right. Managing the Strategy Development Process Is Essential for Commercial Success The days of developing robust, static strategic plans are gone. It’s just not effective anymore. Elements like customer needs and wants, technology, market trends, the competitive landscape, and the way customers connect and interact with brands change way too fast. This is especially true for startups, when the future is hard to read and the most profitable strategy is not yet known. An emergent strategy needs to be developed as the right ideas surface. A goal of the commercialization strategy development process is to get innovators to think differently and deeper about their assumptions and connect insights between disparate parts of the commercialization process to make sure the most effective early adoption strategy is developed. That’s why it’s important for health innovators to have a flexible, iterative, and data-centric commercialization framework—to continuously identify the most impactful strategies, implement them incrementally, evaluate how they perform and optimize based on performance data. Then, do it all over again.

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