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It's all about the right pilot partner.

Innovation Launch
Innovation Launch

It happens all the time. A healthcare or a medical startup is ready to bring an innovation to the market. Before the company can earn a reputation of trust and credibility—for commercialization—it needs proof of clinical efficacy and safety and possibly final product enhancements based on its performance in the real world. Many companies partner with a prospective customer for a pilot to remedy this challenge and it often seems like a promising way to the market.

Healthcare innovation pilot programs are a common and often effective route for securing early adopters and it's a quite effective strategy after all. However, the costly and prolonged nature of a pilot and the innately cautious and risk-averse traits of the healthcare industry can turn them into death traps for innovators, especially for a radical innovation. “Death by pilot” can be a tragedy for health innovators, as well as patients and the healthcare systems that never get the chance to benefit from the innovation in the first place. So If your Healthcare Innovation doesn’t address a problem that is a priority for the partner, it’s time to explore other partners. It' all about the right partner.

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